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HIPAA & HITECH: Texas Compliance, LLC offers industry leading Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) documents designed specifically for assisting Covered Entities (CE), Business Associates (BA), and all other healthcare related entities with today’s rigorous HIPAA & healthcare compliance mandates.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a comprehensive set of healthcare provisions enacted by the United States Congress and subsequently signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996. It effectively mandated broad-based legislation regarding healthcare access, portability, renewability, along with security and privacy rules for electronic health records and related information ("protected health information" | PHI, and subset thereof known as "electronic protected health information | ePHI).

HITRUST: Texas Compliance, LLC specializes in helping Texas healthcare organizations in getting ready for HITRUST compliance as we offer HITRUST readiness assessments, assistance with remediation – such as technical and security implementation of controls and policy writing – and more.

HITRUST has become without question the most demanding and time-consuming healthcare compliance mandate in North America – often surpassing HIPAA – which means Covered Entities, Business Associates – and any other in-scope entities – can expect to allocate considerable resources for initial and continued HITRUST compliance and certification.

EHNAC: Texas Compliance, LLC provides industry leading EHNAC policy and procedures development for healthcare organizations wanting to become compliant and accredited with the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission. EHNAC offers numerous programs to accredit healthcare software vendors through their four-step process, which consists of the following:

  • Step 1: Choose the Program
  • Step 2: Review the Applicable Guidelines
  • Step 3: Request Criteria
  • Step 4: Fill out Application form to Begin the Process

It’s a relatively straightforward process, but step #3 often is what many organizations need to be concerned about, as developing information security policies and procedures – those specific to whichever EHNAC program a business chooses – can be a very laborious endeavor. After all, who really wants to spend dozens upon dozens of hours writing InfoSec policies? We have a better solution, one that saves healthcare entities literally thousands of dollars when it comes to policy writing.

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Texas Compliance, LLC’s expert team of talented, well-skilled HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, and EHNAC compliance auditors and consultants are ready to assist Texas clients today. Texas Compliance, LLC has years of experience working with the various healthcare frameworks and regulations and can help implement all required controls into one's operational environment along with developing policy and procedure documentation as necessary for HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, and EHNAC compliance.

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