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EHNAC Compliance & Consultants

Texas Compliance specializes in EHNAC Policies and Procedures development for healthcare organizations seeking to become compliant and accredited with the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission. EHNAC offers numerous programs to accredit healthcare software vendors through their four-step process, which consists of the following:

  • Step 1: Choose the Program
  • Step 2: Review the Applicable Guidelines
  • Step 3: Request Criteria
  • Step 4: Fill out Application form to Begin the Process

It’s a relatively straightforward process, yet step #3 is what many organizations need to be concerned about, as developing information security policies and procedures – those specific to whichever EHNAC program a business chooses – can be an incredibly time-consuming and arduous process. After all, who really wants to spend dozens upon dozens of hours writing InfoSec policies? We have a better solution, one that saves healthcare entities literally thousands of dollars when it comes to policy writing.

EHNAC Accreditation Requires Documentation – We Can Help

Texas Compliance is the unquestioned leader in providing businesses all throughout the globe with the very best regulatory compliance documents; information security policies, procedures, forms, templates, toolkits – and more – all available for instant download today at Our documentation has been painstakingly researched and developed by regulatory compliance and cybersecurity experts with years of experience. Name the industry or sector – Healthcare, payments, federal – Texas Compliance has the documentation you need for becoming compliant.

EHNAC Policies and Procedures Writing Services

EHNAC policies and procedures services are offered by Texas Compliance for any organization seeking EHNAC accreditation, so contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your policy needs. What’s interesting to note about regulatory compliance – especially within the healthcare arena – is the need for documentation; well-written, comprehensive, and highly factual information security policies and procedures, and that’s what we offer. Two options are available; (1). Businesses can purchase our GISPT which contains all the essential policy templates for helping build your policy binder for whichever program you’re applying for. Second, you can hire Texas Compliance to author them for you, essentially developing a highly customized set of documents.

EHNAC Risk Assessments, Security Training, and Consulting

We also offer risk assessments, security awareness training, along with general consulting services relating to technical and security configuration of information systems for EHNAC compliance. InfoSec policies are important, but they’re also meaningless if the internal controls and related procedures to which they speak to are not operating effectively or enforced.

There are numerous compliance laws, regulations, mandates and frameworks in place for the broader North American healthcare market – HIPAA, HITECH, CCPA, CMS, and more – and they all require comprehensive security documentation, so visit us today at to learn more about our EHNAC policies and procedures services and related consulting solutions.

Many of today’s healthcare organization seeking to become EHNAC certified also require HIPAA/HITECH and CCPA compliance – a myriad of compliance rulings that can be incredibly taxing and grueling. The easier, more cost-effective solution for not only becoming compliant with such mandates – but also saving thousands of dollars – is downloading the world-class policy documents, templates, and toolkits today from Texas Compliance can help customize any type of documentation you need, along with performing necessary compliance scoping & readiness assessments for HIPAA/HITECH, CCPA, and more.

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