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NDB offers comprehensive PCI DSS Scoping & Readiness Assessments for both merchants and service providers in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and all other surrounding areas in Texas. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) have become a huge – and often challenging – mandate for Texas businesses, so turn to a proven and trusted provider of PCI DSS compliance services and solutions, and that’s NDB.

Businesses new to the world of PCI DSS compliance are strongly recommended to begin with a scoping & readiness assessment, and for some very obvious reasons. Specifically, you’ll want to gain a strong understanding of the PCI framework, how prepared your business is for an actual audit and certification, and much more.

Here’s what we offer in terms of our industry leading PCI DSS Scoping & Readiness Assessments:

Educational Primer on PCI DSS Compliance: The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) framework is lengthy, technical, and quite challenging in terms of interpreting the actual meaning of what’s known as the twelve (12) PCI DSS requirements. Because of this, it’s highly critical to find a proven, trusted PCI DSS professional that can walk you through the entire framework, beginning to end, effectively explaining all aspect of compliance for your organization.

NDB has that expertise. We have one of the longest licensed PCI QSA’s in the world, someone with an immense understanding of the actual PCI DSS framework, what it takes to become compliant, common roadblocks and challenges, and much more. Contact our senior PCI-QSA at 1-888-447-2209, ext. 700 today and learn more about our PCI DSS services.

Deep-Dive into the PCI DSS Framework: There are twelve (12) PCI DSS “Requirements” within the current PCI DSS framework, and each one of them can be quite challenging in terms of understanding what they mean, and what ultimately is required for compliance. NDB can take the time to walk you through each and every “Requirement” and the applicable sub-requirements/controls for compliance, giving you a much-needed “deep dive” for ensuring you have a full understanding of the PCI DSS framework.

Assessing and Confirming Scope for PCI DSS Compliance: Scope is what ultimately determines the time, effort, and overall complexity of an organization’s PCI DSS assessment. With that said, it’s essential to determine exactly your scoping boundaries in terms of information systems, personnel, physical locations, relevant third-party providers, and more.

Identifying Critical Gaps and Deficiencies: Every business – and we mean every business – having to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) will have some form of remediation to perform. Perhaps it’s missing information security policies and procedures, or possibly security remediation for re-configuring servers and network devices. Some businesses will have a large amount of remediation, so won’t – it all depends on the maturity of one’s control environment.

Whatever the remediation tasks are, NDB can assist in man ways. First and foremost, we offer world-class PCI DSS documentation for helping Texas merchants and service providers save thousands of dollars on costly and time-intensive policy development. Second, we have the technical skills to help your organization in re-configuring and re-building systems and networks as required by the actual PCI DSS standards.

Remediation is without question one of the most time-consuming aspects of becoming PCI DSS compliant, and its why Texas businesses undergoing annual PCI compliance should begin with a much-needed scoping & readiness assessment each year. Contact our senior PCI-QSA at 1-888-447-2209, ext. 700 today and learn more about our PCI DSS services.

Providing Expert Recommendation on Remediation: As just stated, we have the skills and expertise to assist with all avenues of PCI DSS remediation. That means we can help you source critical tools and solutions from the open market, and much more. Many of the core areas for remediation in terms of PCI DSS compliance require merchants and service providers to put in place the following security tools and solutions:

  • Anti-virus

  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • Network Based Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)

  • Audit Logs & Audit Trails

  • Automated Code Review Tool

  • Change Management Ticketing System

That’s quite a list, so you’ll need to work with a proven, trusted QSA who can help determine the best tools at the best price for your organization. NDB is that very firm, so contact our most senior PCI-QSA today at 1-800-277-5415, ext. 705, to learn more about helping your business become PCI DSS compliant. Picking the right firm also means you’ll have expert advice when it comes to the much-needed measures of performing remediation.

Putting it All Together with a Roadmap for Success: When successfully completed, a PCI DSS Scoping & Readiness Assessment puts all the pieces together for you in terms of a roadmap to compliance that’s achievable, practical, cost-effective, and efficient. Want to save dozens of hours and thousands of dollars on PCI DSS compliance & certification – if so – then reach out to the PCI experts in Texas, and that’s NDB.

Getting you Ready for Certification: When it’s all said and done, NDB’s PCI DSS Scoping & Readiness Assessment will have you on a clear path to successfully complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) requirements as put forth by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) and all major payment brands. Sure, compliance is never an easy task, but it’s got to be done, each and every year, so leverage the skills and expertise of a Texas firm with years of proven performance for both merchants and service providers in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and all other areas throughout the Lone Star State.

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NDBN can assist with all avenues of PCI DSS compliance, from scoping & readiness assessments to the issuance of Level 1 onsite Report on Compliance (RoC) audits. We’ve been helping Texas businesses in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio for years, so contact us today at 1-888-447-2209, ext. 700 to learn more about our PCI DSS services and solutions for the Lone Star State. When it comes to expertise, knowledge, fixed-fee pricing and just getting the job done, the name to know in Texas is NDB.

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