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Texas Compliance, LLC is Texas’ leading provider of fixed-fee SOC 2 HIPAA audit reports & assessments consisting of SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 audits for Texas services organizations seeking compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Ensuring the safety and security of Protected Health Information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and other forms of highly confidential consumer/patient data is paramount in today’s digital landscape, so contact Texas Compliance, LLC today to learn more about our SOC 2 HIPAA services.

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Furthermore, many of today’s core healthcare exchanges and notable insurance carriers are requesting SOC 2 HIPAA reports (and even SOC 2 HITRUST reports) from their downstream providers, which are the thousands of organizations offering various healthcare related services.

From Third-Party Administrators (TPA’s) to claims and medical billing organizations, SOC 2 HIPAA audit assessments are quickly becoming well-known in the broader healthcare industry. Texas Compliance, LLC, Texas’ leading providers of SOC audits (i.e., SOC 1 SSAE 18, SOC 2, and SOC 3), offers fixed-fee SOC 2 HIPAA audit reports for organizations all throughout the Lone Star State, from Austin to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and other areas.

Additionally, we’ve built a proven audit methodology that saving Texas healthcare businesses hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, thanks to years of experience with HIPAA and regulatory compliance. Texas Compliance, LLC’s SOC 2 HIPAA assessment services consist of the following:

Fixed-Fee SOC 2 HIPAA Reports for Texas Businesses

SOC 2 HIPAA Scoping & Readiness Assessments: It’s important to understand that when performing a SOC 2 HIPAA assessment, you’ll need to determine scope. More specifically, is your organization simply looking to validate compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule Safeguards of 164.308 to 164.316, or are you also looking to comply with the HIPAA Privacy rule requirements also?

Additionally, don’t forget about the HITECH Act. Just remember that for HIPAA, scope is absolutely critical as it ultimately dictates cost and time commitments for such an engagement, so talk to the SOC 2 HIPAA experts today at Texas Compliance, LLC. Call and speak with CPA Christopher Nickell at 1-888-447-2209, ext. 701 today to learn more.

After determining what the actual scope of your SOC 2 HIPAA audit will be, it’s then time to begin a much-needed scoping & readiness assessment, for which Texas Compliance, LLC can assist. We’ll identify gaps and deficiencies that exist within your internal controls structure, providing critical feedback and recommendations on essential remediation that needs to be performed prior to the commencement of a SOC 2 HIPAA audit.

Since 2011, Texas Compliance, LLC has performed numerous SOC 2 HIPAA engagements and are ready to assist your organization today. Many of the top healthcare exchanges/providers are now requiring downstream service providers to become SOC 2 HIPAA compliant – and even SOC 2 HITRUST compliance – and Texas Compliance, LLC can perform both assessments, along with offering pre-audit readiness services at fixed-fees.

What We Offer for SOC 2 HIPAA Reporting for Texas Businesses

SOC 2 HIPAA Remediation Services: Essential remediation is generally necessary for SOC 2 HIPAA compliance. From an almost endless list of security/controls that need to be re-configured to missing HIPAA information security policies and procedures, CE’s and BA’s often find quite a bit of work to do prior to the audit.

Bottom line is that almost every service organization undertaking SOC 2 HIPAA compliance will need to execute some type of remediation – how much – that ultimately depends on one’s internal controls and how mature they are.

More specifically, CE’s and BA’s can spend as little as a few hours on remediation, or possibly a few months, it’s a question that’s difficult to answer and assess until you’ve performed all necessary remediation services identified during the SOC 2 HIPAA scoping & readiness assessment. Call and speak with CPA Christopher Nickell at 1-888-447-2209, ext. 701 today to learn more.

SOC 2 HIPAA Type 1 Audits: The most followed path for service organizations new to SOC 2 HIPAA compliance is to kick the process off with a SOC 2 Type 1 assessment, then graduating to annual SOC 2 Type 2 audits. It’s critical to note that a SOC 2 Type 1 assessment is a point-in-time, while a SOC 2 Type 2 assessment is over a test period, generally six months, but sometimes shorter, and sometimes longer.

SOC 2 HIPAA Type 2 Audits: After successfully achieving SOC 2 HIPAA Type 1 compliance, most, if not all, organizations move ultimately forward with annual SOC 2 Type 2 reports, and for some obvious reasons. First and foremost, Type 2 reports are performed over an agreed upon test period, generally six months, yet sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.

This allows for intended users of such reports to gain a much stronger understanding of a service organization’s control environment as opposed to SOC 2 Type 1 reports. Texas Compliance, LLC has performed hundreds of healthcare compliance audits over the last decade, so talk to us today about your SOC 2 HIPAA reporting needs.

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Texas Compliance, LLC is Texas’ leading provider of SOC 2 HIPAA audits. We’ve been working with HIPAA for years, and we’re also experts when it comes to the SOC 2 auditing standard. Lastly, we offer fixed-fees, superior services, along with audit efficiency that’s hard to beat. Call and speak with CPA Christopher Nickell at 1-888-447-2209, ext. 701 today to learn more about Texas Compliance, LLC’s SOC 2 HIPAA audits for businesses in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and all other areas within Texas.

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