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NDB provides merchants and service providers in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio – and all other areas in Texas – with comprehensive remediation services and solutions. Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) framework can be incredibly challenging and taxing, especially for businesses new to PCI DSS. Many organizations find that a healthy “to do” list of remediation items comes their way before they can even think about becoming PCI DSS compliant. Contact our senior PCI-QSA at 1-888-447-2209, ext. 700 today and learn more about our PCI DSS services.

NDB offers the following remediation services to Texas merchants and service providers:

Policy and Procedures Remediation: One of the biggest requests for remediation that we receive is also one of the most time-consuming aspects of becoming PCI DSS compliance, and that’s documentation. Security policies and procedures are a big part of regulatory compliance, and NDB can assist with all aspects of InfoSec policy development.

Writing policies and procedure isn’t high on anybody’s list, and for some very obvious reasons; (1). It is very taxing in terms of somebody’s time and effort needed. (2). It’s somewhat of a mundane process that doesn’t really get people too terribly excited. We get it. We understand it. And it’s why we offer policy and procedures writing services. Contact our senior PCI-QSA at 1-888-447-2209, ext. 700 today and learn more about our PCI DSS services.

Technical Remediation:

Many times, a wide-range of technical controls will need to be remediated for PCI DSS compliance. Specifically, here are some of the more common technical control remediation issues we see:

  • Implementing two-factor authentication.

  • Implementing audit logs and audit trails.

  • Re-configuring servers for ensuring baseline hardening measures are in place, such as those put forth by vendors.

  • Putting in place a viable vulnerability scanning solution.

That’s just some of the more common areas we see that require remediation for PCI DSS compliance. NDB can assist with all avenues of remediation for Texas businesses as we’ve been working with merchants and service provider for years, so contact us today and let us know how we can assist your business in becoming PCI compliant.

Operational Remediation: You’ll need to perform an annual risk assessment, along with undertaking security awareness training for all in-scope employees – two (2) vital task that NDB can assist with. We’ve developed an easy-to-use and implement risk assessment program, along with a comprehensive security awareness training program. Contact our senior PCI-QSA at 1-888-447-2209, ext. 700 today and learn more about our PCI DSS services.

NDB. Texas’ Leading Firm for PCI DSS Compliance

Along with offering comprehensive PCI DSS remediation services, NDB also offers the following PCI services and solutions to merchants and service providers all throughout Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and other surrounding Texas areas:

  • PCI DSS Scoping & Readiness Assessments

  • PCI DSS SAQ Assistance

  • PCI DSS Policies and Procedures Writing

  • Onsite QSA Assessments

  • EI3PA Assessments

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Penetration Testing

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