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Texas Compliance, LLC provides comprehensive Experian Independent Third-Party Assessment (EI3PA) certification, audits, assessments, and compliance services for Texas businesses in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio – and all other surrounding locations – that are involved in the storing, processing, and transmission of Experian provided consumer data.  Contact our senior PCI-QSA at 1-888-447-2209, ext. 700 today and learn more about our PCI DSS services. 

Additionally, Texas Compliance, LLC offers industry leading Experian EI3PA policies and procedures templates for helping Texas businesses become compliant, quickly and comprehensively with the actual EI3PA guidelines.

It’s important to note that the actual EI3PA certification process is very similar to that of PCI DSS compliance, but with some differences, such as the following: (1). EI3PA is geared towards the protection of Experian-provided data, whereas PCI focuses on cardholder data, and (2). EI3PA approval rests with Experian, unlike PCI DSS, where the major payments brand, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), and other interested parties that have a voice regarding PCI DSS compliance.

Your 5 Step Process for Experian EI3PA Certification

  1. Start with an EI3PA Scoping & Readiness Assessment: Understanding critical scoping issues relating to business processes, types of data to be assessed, gaps that need remediation – and more – is the real benefit of performing a much-needed EI3PA Scoping & Readiness Assessment. Without such an exercise, EI3PA compliance becomes quite challenging. Texas Compliance, LLC’s EI3PA Scoping & Readiness Assessments are offered as part of our all-in-one fixed-fee pricing for EI3PA compliance.

  2. Perform Essential Documentation Remediation: One of the most demanding and time-consuming aspects of becoming EI3PA compliant is developing all the required information security policies and procedures. And because EI3PA is essentially a mirror image of the PCI DSS requirements, it means you’ll need to have approximately fifty (50) different policies and procedures in place for the various requirements.

  3. To help save dozens of hours and thousands of dollars, Texas Compliance, LLC offers a complimentary EI3PA Policy Packet filled with all the necessary policies, procedures, forms, checklists – and more – for ensuring rapid and complete documentation compliance with the EI3PA framework. Contact our senior PCI-QSA at 1-888-447-2209, ext. 700 today and learn more about our PCI DSS services. 

  4. Perform Essential Security/Technical/Operational Remediation: Along with developing much needed information security policies and procedures, EI3PA compliance also requires the following: (1). Perform annual security awareness training. (2). Perform an annual risk assessment. (3). Implement various security tools and solutions. These are three big initiatives that must be performed, and Texas Compliance, LLC has the tools for helping you achieve them. Specifically, we offer to all of our EI3PA clients a complimentary security awareness training program, along wit a complimentary risk assessment program. These two packets alone save organizations thousands of dollars on EI3PA compliance. Contact our senior PCI-QSA at 1-888-447-2209, ext. 700 today and learn more about our PCI DSS services. 

  5. Engage in Continuous Monitoring & Compliance Efforts: Once you’ve received EI3PA certification, the real challenges of regulatory compliance will begin as organizations need to stay compliant. Texas Compliance, LLC offers a proven, scalable, and cost-effective approach for keeping your compliance initiatives on the right path every year. We call it “Continuous Monitoring”, and it’s a service available to all of Texas Compliance, LLC’s Texas clients.

3 Reasons to Use Texas Compliance, LLC for your Experian EI3PA Certification

  1. Knowledge & Expertise: We’ve performed dozens of EI3PA audits and assessments for businesses all throughout Texas, and North America. In short, we know the EI3PA standard inside and out.

  2. Complimentary Policy Templates: Documentation is a large part of EI3PA compliance, and it’s why Texas Compliance, LLC offers complimentary InfoSec templates for helping Texas businesses save dozens of hours and thousands of dollars.

  3. Pricing Model: Texas Compliance, LLC provides fixed-fee pricing for EI3PA audits & assessments for Texas businesses in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, and all other locations.

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